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Proverbs store the refined wisdom of ages in short, memorable lines. Often they have several layers of understanding. This blog features a weekly proverb and explores its meaning. Sir Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, war leader, writer, painter, historian, bon viveur, and very good bricklayer, recommended that people who lacked formal education should acquire a good stock of proverbs. "The Wisdom of Nations lies in their Proverbs... Collect and learn them". William Penn

Name: William Clark

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It is hope alone that makes us willing to live

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There are times in everyone's life when all the negatives crowd in - the extreme example being depression, when life seems devoid of all meaning and purpose.

Experiencing the downside of life is part of the springboard to the upside so has to be understood as a natural phenomenon and not feared too much. We all know that nothing is constant, everything evolves and changes. There are trend lines and seasons that give a framework to our existence but within that, as individuals we are subject to the whims and caprices of chance - or so it seems.

The one thing that is our lifeline in the sea of doubts is hope. We can always hope that things will change for the better, and they usually do. We can be pulled back to the dry land and sunny climes of a happy existence. Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

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