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Proverbs store the refined wisdom of ages in short, memorable lines. Often they have several layers of understanding. This blog features a weekly proverb and explores its meaning. Sir Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, war leader, writer, painter, historian, bon viveur, and very good bricklayer, recommended that people who lacked formal education should acquire a good stock of proverbs. "The Wisdom of Nations lies in their Proverbs... Collect and learn them". William Penn

Name: William Clark

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Virtue, if she could be seen, would move great love

Here we have a philosopher, Plato, visualizing Virtue as a beautiful lady.

What is virtue and why should we love her personification? Moral excellence, goodness, conformity with morality or duty especially chastity in women is the nature of virtue. It appears to involve the discipline of the mind over the basic passions of the body.

This was something that through the ages had strong appeal as the consequence of unbridled lust was disease, pregnancy and bloody quarrels. A man valued a woman who would bear only his children and not lower him in the eyes of his fellows and force him into unnecessary conflicts. The invention of modern medicines and contraceptives removed many of these fears but humans are more than body and sensation-seeking minds.

Is it possible that the disregard for the former values of virtue leaves us not more satisfied but less?

A proper balance in all things is the usual conclusion of philosophers - a time to reap and a time to sow. Love has many aspects, and joy is to those who find her in due proportions and harmonies.
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Love is great feeling..
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