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The app version of these popular quizzes adds a new dimension of interest. They are a useful study aid as a quiz or as flashcards helping you to have fun while learning and testing your knowledge. The games also help with learning and study in a fun way.

Nail Your States Games

States and Capitals Quiz

Presidents of the USA Quiz

Limerick Checker Game

Black History  Quiz

Louis Armstrong Quiz

Periodic Table Quiz

Tavola Periodica Quiz

Das Periodensystem Quiz

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The Limerick generator

Create funny limerick verses at a single tap. Edit to perfection.

Quizzes in Ebook Format

1. States & Capitals USA
2. History of Early America
3. Black History
4. Presidents' List USA
5. Phonetic Spelling Alphabet
6. Periodic Table of the Elements
7 States Postal Abbreviations
8. Cowboy Hats
9. Famous Women Writers
10. Tableau Périodique des Éléments
11. Bordering States of the USA
12. Les Frontières des États de l'Amérique

13 Tavola Periodica

14 La Tabla Periodica de los Elementos


16 Periodensystem

17 Inspiring Quotes

18 Capitals & States

Limericks --"700 Limericks & How to Write Them"
Queen Hynde -- James Hogg's famous verse story, abridged.

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