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 William And Kate Acrostic Poems

William and Kate

Examples of Good Clean Acrostic Poems& Verse for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton

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When we love we nobler are:
In our hearts we cherish
Love that's known to conquer all,
Let it never perish.
In the years that lie ahead
Always we must treasure
Much that brightened up our youth

& brought our time such pleasure.

Could we always live in spring,
And young love last for ever,
That would be a happy thing:
Happy is the giver.
Every life must know some sorrow,
Romantic days are few;
In our hearts our thoughts are gold:
Noblest love is true.

Everlasting bliss.

William & Kate Acrostic Poem

Where love comes from no one knows;
In our hearts the flower grows.
Little things are how it shows:
Long to flourish.
If we tend and trim this flower,
All our lives we'll know its power;
Majestic love will warm each hour,

And ever nourish.
No life can know its length and laurels,
Do not dwell on little quarrels.

Knowing work and knowing play
Always brightens up the day.
Therefore seek the righteous way:
Ever to flourish.

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? 2011 William Clark

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With white wines or red wines to drink
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A fine loving cup,
Enjoy every sup,
With champagne that's red, white or pink!!

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