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Progress from limericks to lyrics. Remember 50 States is a song celebrating the USA. Great fun for group singing.

Find USA state postal abbreviations at a glance with this useful, free outline map image.

Games with US Postal Abbreviation's Map

Fix the United States of America postal codes map outline you have printed on your dart board and ask your friend to call a state at random. You then call the code and throw. One point for getting the abbreviation right and one for hitting the correct state.

Can you think of any other games to make use of this postal map abbrevs. to increase your geographical knowledge?

Play "Bomber" by printing and placing the postal map outline shown below on the floor. Your partner calls the abbreviation and you call the state then drop the pen from your outstretched arm to hit the target. Score as above.

 US Postal Abbreviations map

US postal abbreviations map>

This US postal  abbreviations map can be printed out for your use.

Blank Outline Map of the USA

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