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Are you looking to list 50 US states? Then look no further as the 50 states are listed here.List of 50 states and capitals in order

American states have been around a long time and you will have heard of them every day but committing them to memory is a tough job.

If you would like some help with memory aids try here Learn-States-Mnemonic for a mnemonic, that is a method of jogging the memory. Memories have a habit of fading so don't let all your hard work get lost over time.

It is well worthwhile memorizing a list of the 50 states as this will show that you are a knowledgeable person, and if you are an American citizen, it is a patriotic thing to do. The list of 50 states can be found at this page: List of 50 states.

Your list of the 50 states can be copied and pasted into Notepad or your word processor software in order to print them out. When you list all 50 states in this way you will have a reliable reference source and you can look at it everyday as this helps to reinforce your memory and retention of the listed states.

 Printable Work Sheets for your students to learn and practice the 50 states.

Word Association

Another method using word association is also highly recommended. The list of 50 states is broken down into chunks using color coding and that is a great idea to improve retention and make learning less tedious. Check it out here: Learn-States-Capitals

When you are asked to list all 50 states you will be able to visualize the colored segments and the objects associated with them. This is a proven technique and worth the effort to grasp. The mind works by association and it is better to use your natural abilities the way Nature intended.

When you are challenged to "list all 50 states" mentally picture the whole list (you can print it out and pin it to the wall) and see the colors then each state will link to the imaginary object and the whole list will flow. Now that has to be a good thing!

Printable Work Sheets for your students to learn and practice the 50 states.

All States nicknames

In America all states have acquired nicknames, some official and some in common use. If you need a list of all states that comprise The United States of America you can find one here that includes capitals and postal Abbreviations. A list of the States of America with their nicknames can be found here.States-capitals-nicknames Many states have more than one nickname and you can view all of them at this URL: List of U.S. state nicknames

Capital states

Listings of states and capitals can be found here List of 50 states and capitals in order The main city in a country is usually picked to be its capital. States in the US also have capitals.

This is a US states list with postal abbreviations in alphabetical order for your convenience. It can be very helpful for students and those who like to compete in quizzes.

If you would like to learn  them all so that you can name states when asked there is a mnemonic to help your memory Learn-States-Mnemonic . Every state has a nick name like "the Dixie state" or "the Magnolia state". State nicknames can be found listed here. States-capitals-nicknames

States and capitals can be remembered using association with objects that give you a visual method of learning. The list is broken down into chunks and color-coded; this is a very effective way to recall any group of state facts. This can be accessed here. Learn-States-Capitals

Sometimes in the states "capitols" is used as a spelling instead of "capitals" but the latter is the most preferred.

52 States?

To list 52 states is wrong. There are fifty states and other areas like Washington DC  (a district) and Puerto Rico, a self-governing unincorporated territory of the United States situated in the northeastern Caribbean. It would be fun if there really were 52 states in the list as that would enable you to visit a different one every week of the year.

States in the USA originated at the time of colonization by the British. After the war of Independence the original 13 states were augmented by 37 new ones as time passed, and people saw the advantages of an organized group. Thirteen and thirty-seven makes fifty, not fifty-two, whether you use figures or words maths does not lie.

 If you are interested in ways of learning and remembering the states and capitals and abbreviations these links will help you on your way: Learn-States-Mnemonic Learn-States-Capitals


The US states grew from a struggling British colony to the mighty, united country of today. After the War of Independence, at the Treaty of Paris in 1783, the world recognized a new nation - The United States of America.  The original 13 US states were eventually joined by a further 37 to make a total of 50.

After the Civil War had tested the government's resolve and firmly cemented the Union the country prospered. However, in the 1930s the Great Depression sorely tried the people of the 50 states as unemployment reached a quarter of the nation's workforce. Setbacks test a nation's resolve and when the Second World War happened America was able to use its vast industrial base to produce the weapons necessary to win it.

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