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The humble to do list has been with us since humans learned to write. From scratches in clay tablets, sooty ink on vellum, parchment, paper to today's online super effective lists we have come a long way. Get into the habit of using this handy organizing tool and see your productivity soar. Also known as a" task list" or a "things to do list". These can be handwritten or printed.

What is a to do list?

It is a list of  things you  would like to get done. It has a heading followed by the items to be done. To do lists are an important way  of boosting your efficiency and giving you control over your life. If you are forgetful they act as a memory aid.

Who uses a to do list?

Anyone who needs to do a number of tasks and is worried that they might forget some of them. Busy people find them invaluable and it improves their efficiency.

How do you make a to do list?

Write down everything that is relevant to your task and then rewrite them in the best order that they should be done in.

What should you use a to do list for?

It can be as simple as a shopping list or the things you want to do on holiday. A construction task can be broken down into steps to be done in a particular order. You can use master list and sub-lists.

What is a check box?

A check box is a little blank square or circle at the side of each item on your list. When the task is completed you tick the box to remind you it has been done.

How to prioritize a to do list?

Try to arrange the items in the sequence in which they should be done or put an asterisk * next to the important ones.

Are there online to do lists?

Yes Ta-da is a free online list maker.
Todoist  have a video that shows you how to make very sophisticated lists with calendar and links. It also allows sub-tasks and prioritization. It is free.

Is there software for making to do lists?

Solution watch have a large list.

What is a template for a to do list?

If you use the same kind of list frequently a template is a blank list with the frequently use elements already printed on. You could make one using your word-processor software. and save it
MindTools  is a free .pdf template to download.

How do I make my own to do list template?

You could use a spreadsheet and fill in all the standard repeating items and save it as your template.

What are typical uses for a to do list?

They are endless: places to visit, movies to watch, household chores, work tasks, weekend projects, assembly order, shopping.

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