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 States Capitals Quiz

Progress from limericks to lyrics. Remember 50 States is a song celebrating the USA. Great fun for group singing.

A States and capitals quiz is a good way to learn and test your grasp of the states and capitals of the USA. American states number fifty in all and that is a lot of remembering. Their are various ways to help the memory retain the knowledge including states and capitals mnemonics and word association learn states capitals tricks and techniques.

Everyone likes a good quiz and it has many benefits as it makes you exercise your powers of recollection, and this reinforces your learning. The more ways you find to use and bring back to mind the 50 states and their capitals the sounder your grip on them will become.

PLEASE NOTE Bismarck and Phoenix are misspelled in the quiz.


States and Capitals Make A Quiz

50 States mnemonic alphabetical  Memorizing a list of states in ABC order.

Learn 50 States  methods to learn and memorize your states list.

50 States list by regions Learn your states list by region and mnemonic.

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 Abbreviations Index Capitals States-capitals States States-capitals-sheets List of 50 states States Nicknames United-states-list Index 

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