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 Starred Capitals, States Printable Worksheet 

Progress from limericks to lyrics. Remember 50 States is a song celebrating the USA. Great fun for group singing. This Starred Capitals, States Worksheet comprises three blank outline maps of the USA with capitals starred, capitals starred with state name, and capitals starred and states. A pdf file  can be downloaded and  printed for  use in tests or exams.

Identify the capital from its star-marked position and write it in, with alternative of state name given or not.

Starred capitals blank except for star showing capital position.

Starred capitals with state name Blank showing state name and star for capital.

Starred capitals with capital and state name Capital and state both shown for study before test.

Starred Capitals States Worksheets  in .pdf  form can be read and is printable from this link.

Starred capitals states thumbnails

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