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Plotplan diary and calendar  

With Plotplan, keeping track of your vegetable or flower plot has never been easier or more fun - for children or adults. Your garden diary, with photo and video clips, becomes a chronicle of your achievements. Keep your garden memories alive and pass them on to your children. More

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Plotplan helps you keep track of your garden plot whether vegetable, flower, herb or rock. Grids enable you to visually record work in progress. Click on the symbols and colors and transfer to the grid. Bits and pieces of lore and experience can be noted in the Plot or Plant records.

Handy calculations such as: "How much peat is required to pot-up or pot-on a number of plants?" "How much gravel do I need to fill a circle?" are made simple. You can find the volume of your barrows and buckets and have results in bucket or barrow loads.

Gardening is the ultimate art form - but the creation constantly changes. Memories fade but they can be refreshed. Plotplan's password-protected diary stores your past, present and future jottings for the benefit of posterity. Past events and future plans can be entered - Copy and Paste supported - and printed if need be. Photographs or video clips are linked to Plotplan's calendar and show as thumbnails. Click for full scale viewing and an automatic slide-show if required.

Keep a work record, a journal, a garden history, a forward planner - for all the family.

You can... with Plotplan.


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