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 Multiplication Sheets


Printing out multiplication sheets with "Multiplication Toptables" is easy. An example of the sheet that helps learners to multiply easily is shown below. It can be varied infinitely at the click of a button. This allows the sheet to be used over and over again.

Multiplication Sheet

1) If a farmer has 10 cows and each has 2 calves. How many calves has he?

2) Jill's cat has a litter of 5 every year for 3 years. How many kittens?

3) John buys 2 CD's every month for 12 months. How big is his collection?

4) A painter works in a house with 5 rooms each with 2 windows. How many windows does he paint?

5) If each house in a street of 12 needs 10 liters of paint. How many liters in all?

6) A group of 7 kids have 5 marbles each. Jane wins them all. How many does she now have?

7) 6 fishermen land 3 salmon each. What is their total catch?

8) Elaine buys 2 pairs of shoes every year for 5 years. How many shoes in her wardrobe?

9) If 10 swallows catch 12 flies in a summer's day. How many flies have been swallowed?

10)  2 daffodils produce 12 seeds each. What is the total available for sowing the next year?

11) Each tread on a stairway of 5 needs 6 tacks. How many to fix the entire stair?

12) A cyclist drinks 2 bottles of water every day for 5 days. How many bottles has he drunk?

13) A farmer has 7 large fields. He divides each into 3 equal small fields. What is his total number of fields?

14) An Italian sells 4 comics to his French friend for 2 euros each. How many euros were paid?

15) A joiner cuts 8 pieces of timber into 9 equal parts. How many parts has he?

16) Caroline has 3 pieces of cloth. She makes 4 hankies from each. How many does she now have?

17) A class of 10 pupils each pick up 5 pebbles from the beach. How many do they have?

18) A family of 9 each invite 2 guests to a party. What is the number of guests?

19) If  4 guests each eat 11 cakes at a party. How many cakes are needed?

20) A bookcase of 8 shelves has 6 books on each shelf. What is the total number of books?

Gaining a love of learning is crucial if a child is to make progress on the long trail to a good job. Basic maths skills are the building blocks to the future and this software gives users a head start.

Toptables explains multiplication as an extension of addition and provides flash cards for the user to learn at their own pace as the speed can be varied.

After acquiring the basics an answers section requests input and checks the result.

A test paper can be filled in on screen and the results stored for a parent or teacher to check later. The values used can be varied at the click of a button.

The tests, tables for mini wall charts, and a grid can also be printed out.

Eye strain can be a problem for some and the online tests and tables have a series of color filters to reduce screen glare and help dyslectic readers.

How Multiplication Toptables works.

Pick the "Three Times table",  from the drop down menu on the Practice page, click on the Start Button and the flashcard shows: "3x2". Think of the answer before it shows "6". Then "3x3" shows and so on. As you improve you can up the speed.

This way learning is easy.

When it has all sunk in go to the Answers page and choose the "Three Times Table, Random delivery". "3x7" flashes up, enter the answer, check it and the next problem "3x9" appears, and so on.

When ready try a Test.

Here fill the question list by clicking a button. Read each question, work out the answer, enter it and move on. At the finish exit and see your Assessment. This gives time spent, answers and percentages achieved. Save it so that mom, pop, or teacher can check progress later.

Thumbnail of one of several screens of Multiplication Times Table.

Features include

  • Wall chart print outs of 2 to 12 times tables plus grid.
  • Practice all  the tables on screen with variable-speed prompter.
  • Print Tests for multiplication tables at the press of a button.
  • Time and scores monitored automatically so teacher/parent is in control.
  •  Review/print/store results in Assessment Page.
  •  Colorful, fun, effective! 

Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. Min Ram 32mb. Download size 1.58mb

Click to download your Multiplication Toptables and Addition Toptables.

Buy online. $19.97 (US) for the two.

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Unlimited Support plus Free Updates.

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Give Toptables as a gift. It will be appreciated.

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