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 Mother's Day Verse Message

Written by >William Clark

Why not surprise your mother with a Mother's Day message in verse form that you wrote yourself. The easiest and quickest poetic form to learn is the limerick. The best way to learn it is by studying examples. You can be funny, sincere, romantic or sentimental. Whatever mood you would like to convey - fun, sincere or sentimental - can be done with a five line limerick.

Here are some examples of a Limerick Mother's Day message:

There's no one who quite beats my mother,
Not even my sister or brother.
My dearest old mum
Looks after my tum
When no one else ever would bother!

Just Kids
When Mothering Day comes on Sunday
We all want to make it a fun day.
We all love our mum,
She's who we came from,
Though she sends us to school on a Monday!

Do you see the pattern of rhymes called AABBA. Also read the limerick out loud and hear the main beats. Follow that pattern as close as you can and it will improve your verse. More advice can be found here: Limericks

Thank you
You cradled us when we were young,
A lullaby sweetly you sung.
When we shed a tear
You always drew near,
And managed the leaks we had sprung!

A message for mother this day:
Although you are now far away,
We never forget,
Our eyes are still wet,
There is always so much we would say.

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Mothering Sunday began as a Christian festival in Europe. It is set on the 4th Sunday in Lent. Latterly it has become a celebration of motherhood. Nowadays it is called Mother's Day, often without the apostrophe.
Remember 50 States is a song celebrating the USA. Great fun for group singing. Why not learn it and sing it to your mother.

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