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 Color Great Seal of America Worksheet Printable  

Free printable Great Seal of State of America worksheet 

This worksheet teaches students about the Great seal of America with illustrations that can be copied or colored over.

The Great Seal of the United States is used to authenticate various documents of the United States federal government.

The phrase can refer to the physical seal (kept by the United States Secretary of State), or for the design stamped on it.

The Great Seal was first used publicly in 1782.

The obverse (front) of the great seal is also the national coat of arms of the United States. It is officially used on documents such as United States passports, military insignia, embassy placards, and various flags.

Since 1935, both sides of the Great Seal are on the back of a one-dollar bill.

Students differ in how they learn so find the method that suits you best. Suitable for teachers, students and homeschoolers looking for worksheets for study, tests or exams. More sheets soon, check back.

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Great seal of state of America

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