Easter Limerick Poems

Examples of Good Clean Limerick Poems & Verse for Easter Written by William Clark

Easter Bunny Rabbit limericks

My rabbit is named Little Bunny.
Now, some folk might think that is funny.
They laugh and they joke,
And have a good poke,
But I think it's right on the money!

A bunny that hops in the sun
Is having a whole heap of fun.
When washing her face,
She stares into space,
But always she's ready to run!

Easter Parade limerick

I put on a costume I'd made,
And danced at the Easter parade.
We had lots of fun,
And that's how I won
Good memories that never will fade.

Easter Hot Cross Buns limerick

A bun with a cross got all hot.
Should I eat it or toss it or what?
Its gone up in smoke,
This isn't a joke.
Oh dear it has all gone to pot!

White House Easter Egg Roll limerick

Easter egg limerick

Chocolate egg limerick

Spring holiday limerick

Easter Service limerick

All the above can be read in Clean Limericks for all Occasions

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