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  Bordering States of the USA

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The United States of America consists of fifty individual states. All of these have land borders except Hawaii. Knowing the states and where they adjoin to others is a great help in understanding what you read and hear about this large diverse country. Learning these off by heart is no easy task but by visualizing the outlines of the state it becomes easier. 

One good method of absorbing this knowledge is by drawing the state outlines and building up to the complete map.

It is helpful to print the blank outline onto a piece of squared paper and practice drawing in the states. As a guide also print the states outline map onto a separate piece of paper. refer to this as you draw your own. Name the states as you complete them. Do this several times until you have mastered the states and their borders.

Click for Bordering States Worksheet with blank outlines and list of adjoining states pdf free to print.

Try this song to learn the 50 States of America written by the same author of the worksheets.

Bordering States
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