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Proverbs store the refined wisdom of ages in short, memorable lines. Often they have several layers of understanding. This blog features a weekly proverb and explores its meaning. Sir Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, war leader, writer, painter, historian, bon viveur, and very good bricklayer, recommended that people who lacked formal education should acquire a good stock of proverbs. "The Wisdom of Nations lies in their Proverbs... Collect and learn them". William Penn

Name: William Clark

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Poor folks are glad of porridge

Porridge is a tasty, cheap nutritious meal but many people turn their noses up at it, preferring fancy packaged cereals. If you are having a problem with a tight budget it is well worth considering.

The moral here is the importance of recognising your realities and adjusting to them. Cut your coat according to your cloth is the same idea of living within your means and making the best of things.

Learning to budget, buying second-hand, using thrift shops and adjusting expectations to what is feasible will help you to cope with a downturn. It is not possible for everyone to be a super hero and cope with difficulties in a positive and constructive manner - snatching victory from the jaws of defeat to the sound of trumpets, etc., etc.. Ordinary folks sometimes have to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass.

Survival means you live to continue the struggle another day.

These videos will make you laugh, and that is a good way of coping with stress.

How to write a Limerick Edward Lear improved Part 1

How to write Limericks Edward Lear improved Part 2

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