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Proverbs store the refined wisdom of ages in short, memorable lines. Often they have several layers of understanding. This blog features a weekly proverb and explores its meaning. Sir Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, war leader, writer, painter, historian, bon viveur, and very good bricklayer, recommended that people who lacked formal education should acquire a good stock of proverbs. "The Wisdom of Nations lies in their Proverbs... Collect and learn them". William Penn

Name: William Clark

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Need makes the old wife trot

In this day and age of political correctness the author of the above might have ended up feeling the heat. One can't help believing it was originally said with a snigger.

However, if we stop to think, it really contains a great deal of pathos.

Imagine your dear old mum, arthritic and failing, responding to an emergency. Most of us know her love of family and willingness to sacrifice herself would give her the strength to cope. The power of a loving mother is stronger than a nuclear blast.

No matter age or condition a mother never stops worrying about and caring for her children, and she will move Heaven and Hell to attend to them in a crisis.

It makes a mere man feel quite humble and undeserving.

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